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We are asked nearly everyday in all of our stores, “do you buy used furs” and it’s never been a part of our business and we’ve always said no.  

Well we are happy to announce that we’ve made a strategic decision to invest heavily in FUR RECYCLING and that’s why today we are happy to announce that WE CAN BUY USED FURS!  

Now that doesn’t mean we will buy ANY used fur – we are very specific in what will work.  Since we are recycling not re-selling, we want OLDER furs.  We do not want newer pieces and frankly, we cannot pay you what you’d expect for a newer piece.  The best FUR TYPES for recycling are: Mink, Fox, Sable, and Cats.  We are not interested in Fur Sections, Raccoon, Beaver, Lamb.

What we will pay depends on the fur type, size and condition of your piece.  How the process works


<li>send us pictures of your fur to [email protected] </li>

<li> We will respond by telling you </li>


<li>if we are interested in the piece and  </li>

<li>a dollar range of what we will pay. </li>


<li> If both parties are interested in proceeding you can print a FREE shipping label and send the piece(s) in for a physical inspection will results in a Firm Offer Price </li>

<li> If you accept our offer, we pay you for your fur.  If you decide not to sell, we ship it back to you at no charge. </li>    


St. Philips Plaza

4250 N. Campbell Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85718

Get Directions

We will be available to pick up garments to put into our storage vault for the long, hot and dry summer months.  We will also have staff on hand to help you to restyle any of your furs that might not be being used. 

Call us at 480-945-4600 for more information




Examples of SAVINGS

Examples of abandoned fur

Brown dyed sheared beaver sections vest with fox trim
Appraised for $2695.00
Now  $674

Cognac Dyed plucked mink stroller
Appraised for $4995
Now $796

Natural Mahogany mink female mink coat
Appraised for $9500.00
Now $1981

Black dyed shearling stroller
Appraised for $3995
Now $501

Black dyed sheared beaver stroller
Appraised for $4500.00
Now $568

Defaulted Layaways

Natural Mahogany mink stroller with hood
Sold for $7499
Balance Due $1336

Blue Dyed fox jacket
Sold for $3995.00
Balance due $1023

Black dyed sheared mink sections stroller with sable border
Sold for $3500.00
Balance Due $597

Purple dyed lamb leather coat with black fox collar and tuxedo front
Sold for $3195.00
Balance Due $649

Black dyed plucked mink stroller with hood/silver fox trim
Sold For $5995
Balance Due $1536

Door busters

Natural Mahogany mink stroller with checkerboard trim 

Brown dyed sheared mink coat

Unisex natural ranch mink jacket with orange mink shoulder stripe 

Whiskey dyed mink coat 

Whiskey dyed mink stroller swing style 

Natural ranch mink hooded stroller with swakara trim 

Blue dyed bobcat vest

Brown dyed lapan stroller with mink trim 

Black dyed sheared fox and leather vest 



was $12,500

was $9,500

was $8,500

was $7,995

was $7,800

was $6,995

was $4,995

was $2,400

was $1,200


now $2999

now $799

now $1,499

now $999

now $999

now $1,799

now $599

now $299

now $99

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