Fur Appraisals

By Evans Furs and Leathers

What if something were to happen to your fur?

Protect Your Investment

Your fur holds significant value. Fur retains its value through years and generations because it’s a timeless style. Wearing fur will always make a bold statement and invoke an aura of unmatched sophisticated class.

These are the reasons why many people decide to buy fur, however the decision should not be taken lightly. Evans Furs and Leathers walks with you through every step of the purchasing process.

After making your purchase, we encourage our client’s to take the next step in fur ownership: appraisal.

Whether it is a coat, jacket, or cape, your fur has a unique worth as a luxury item. Fur is not an everyday material or purchase. Acquiring a fur appraisal is financially sound action to protect your purchase’s value  through the course of ownership.

Fur Appraisals: Insurance, Resale, or Estate Planning

Do not leave your fur investment under or uninsured. Your fur should be insured properly to protect against loss or theft. We advise having your fur appraised every two to three years to make sure you have the current assessment value for your item.

Evans Furs and Leathers can appraise your fur item, even if you purchased your fur from another store.  Give the appraisal to your insurance agent for their records. Some insurance companies will not properly replace the full value of your fur without a recent appraisal. Also, ask your agent about relevant deductibles and depreciation values.

For a small fee, our team of master furriers will thoroughly inspect, prepare, and issue a formal written appraisal.

We also appraise fur for selling purposes. If you are interested in reselling or trading your fur at one point, bring it to us for appraisal. We will examine it and document the value to ensure you getting the fur’s full worth.

If you are planning to pass down your fur, keep appraisals in mind during estate planning. Having official documentation for the value of your fur will benefit your family or beneficiary.

Our Process: Professional and Precise

During your appraisal, Evans Furs and Leathers looks at several factors while calculating your garment’s value. We will consider different aspects of the coat or garment like the type of fur skin, length, size, and style. Your appraisal consultant will pay close attention for damage or imperfections. Rips, stains, or tears will affect your item’s value. But the fur’s designer or brand can boost your fur’s value.

We will also discuss with you details about your item’s history. Some important factors include:

  • Wear
  • Storage
  • Age
  • Manufacturer


We will also make suggestions concerning your repair or restyling options.

Visit Evans Furs and Leathers today in Scottsdale, AZ for an updated fur appraisal. Taking this simple step will protect your precious investment and prepare you to have updated information for insurance, resale, and estate planning purposes.

We will gladly appraise any type of fur or shearling. You are important to us and we want your prized investment to be secure now and for the future.

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