Fur Cleaning

By Evans furs and Leathers

When finding a professional fur cleaner, do not risk taking your fur to a regular dry cleaner.

Why You Should Clean Your Fur

Having your fur professionally cleaned is essential to maintaining its shine and luster through the years. Master furriers recommend taking your fur to be cleaned at least once a year during the off-season and possibly again during winter if you wear it often or expose it to perfumes and sprays.

There are two main reasons to have your fur cleaned. The first is to remove dust, dirt, and other tiny pieces of grime. Even if your coat does not look dirty, it is still important to have your fur cleaned to help prolong its life.

Secondly, professional cleaning removes the particles attracted to your coat’s natural oils. Feel your fur coat; you should feel a bit of oiliness. This is perfectly normal; this is an indicator of a healthy pelt.  While this is a good sign for your fur, foreign particles also like this unique property.

A little extra dirt does not cause much of a problem with normal clothing since you can wash it normally at home or at the dry cleaner, but fur is different. These particles will latch on and dry your coat leaving it severely damaged and in need expensive repairs. This dirt must be gently removed from your fur coat, shearlings coat, and other valuables.

Expert Cleaning for Fur and Beyond

Evans Furs and Leathers is proud to provide cleaning and conditioning services for the Arizona and New Mexico region. Our experts are trained to clean fur, leather, and shearling garments.

We also expertly clean and condition wool coats, fur trimmed coats, and most specialty outerwear. Bring your garment into our salon today for a free cleaning consultation.  We will gladly service items you have purchased elsewhere.

Our Attentive Process

Your fur, leather, or shearling garment is one of a kind. Never send your fur coat to a dry cleaner. Commercial cleaners do not have the correct equipment for these fine fabrics. Their process can destroy your fur coat and leave you with no legal recourse.

But our processes will help preserve your item—extending its lifespan—and assuring you many years of enjoyment.

Evans Furs and Leathers can remove stains, perfume, smoke, and other unseen particles.

Our uniquely developed process includes:

  • Expert inspection to check for rips or other minor damages
  • Removing stain from linings
  • Cleaning and replacing essential oils
  • Lustrous glazing of your garment
  • Final quality inspection

We have the industry equipment on location for your garments. Your items will remain on location from start to finish.

Call us today to have your fur cleaned by the best!

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