Fur Repair

By Evans furs and Leathers

Our team of master furriers will inspect your fur or leather piece.

Ensure Your Fur Coat’s Legacy

Your fur or leather purchase is a masterpiece, but even a work of art needs expert attention. Slight rips, tears, and any other sign of damage should be addressed immediately to avoid further tarnishing of the fabric. Evans Furs and Leathers in Scottsdale, Arizona can repair your fur or leather item to like-new condition.

Luxe fabric like fur and leather need the correct industry tools, needles, and threads to not only look their best, but to preserve the integrity of the garment. Some customers may be tempted to take their fur or leather to an everyday tailor or seamstress, but these workers will not have the proper instruments or training.

Evans Fur and Leathers houses master furriers to complete all repairs. Your heirloom coat from your grandmother will never touch unskilled hands.

Any Type of Fur and Leather

Our staff has over 150 years of combined experience in luxury fabrics such as fur, leather, and fine materials. Bring in your fox, raccoon, mink, and rabbit furs to Evans, and we will restore them to beautiful condition. We also have experience in different types of leather including aniline, semi-aniline, and pigmented.

Don’t shun these favorite pieces just because of minor imperfections from normal wear and tear. Let us take care of your garment; we will treat your item with the same care and respect equal to our own.

Evans Furs and Leathers can mend the smallest tear to completely damaged sections of your garment. We understand your fur and leather coat is an important part of your fashion collection, but did you know we also repair other accessories like gloves, hats, and headbands? Bring in any of your other luxury items to our master team.

Your Coat, Brought Back to Life

To ensure that your fur or leather piece gives you years of satisfaction, Evans Furs and Leathers urges you to bring your coat in at least once a year for maintenance. Small rips can develop into substantial tears and can lead to a complete pelt or section needing replacement.

If you have a loose hook or ring, attend to it in a timely manner – by securing the closures we eliminate undue stress on the fur, which often times leads to the tearing of pelts.

We welcome you to stop by our boutique with your fur, shearling, leather, and specialty outerwear. Our full-service fur operation is on-site so you will never have to worry about your item being packaged or transported.

When you bring your item in, our master furriers will review your piece giving close consideration to vulnerable areas like the neck, shoulders, and lining. We will also examine pockets, collars, or any other unique feature your item may have. We can perform a minor tuck or shortening and are capable of removing minor wear from fur cuffs, pockets, and hemlines.

If there is a tear, our furriers masterfully repair it from inside the lining. This is why it is critical to take your fur or leather item to a professional furrier; normal tailors or dry cleaners do not have the proper tools or training to discreetly mend your item.  Once we are done, no repairs will be visible when you wear you item.

Fur and leather repair is one of the services we are proud to offer. Call (480) 945-4600 or visit us today for the superior fur care.

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