Fur Restyle

By Evans Furs and Leathers

Evans Furs and Leathers can transform your old fur and bring it back to life.

Everything Old is New Again

A fur coat can have many lives. Maybe you received your first fur from your great-grandmother. Maybe you happened upon a fabulous fur find at a vintage boutique. Or you fur tastes have evolved through the years. In any case, Evans Furs and Leathers can turn your old coat into something new and modern.

Now is the time to think about restyling. One of the advantages of owning fur that with the proper attention, it can be surprisingly versatile.

If you are not wearing your fur due to a change in lifestyle or because Arizona’s climate is temperate, think about re-purposing your garment. With the wide variety of options available for restyling, your fur can become an item in your wardrobe that you can wear beyond the winter months.

Our master furriers maintain two essential standards while restyling your fur:

First, our craftsmanship – We hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality. Your fur will never touch unskilled hands at our location.

Second, our versatility  – We restyle with your tastes and our local climate in mind. We will listen to your ideas and create a piece that is perfect to wear during different occasions, even in our Arizona climate.

Your Vision, Our Process

Evans Fur and Leathers will provide you a one-on-one fur restyling consolation. We will listen to your ideas first and then offer our design suggestions.

We offer styles that are reversible to a variety of rain resistant and water-repellent fabrics which are outstanding for travel. We have ways of making your fur lighter in weight as well. You can also use your fur to make hats, scarves, or other trendy accessories.

Once you have decided on a style, we will begin working to make your old fur like new. Our master furriers will make the necessary alternations, the old fur will be deconstructed as necessary, and the new patterns will be added.

It is critical to take your fur to a professional fur expert; normal threads and needles will not properly hold the new garment together.  Also, non-professionals will lack the experience in creating new fur patterns or sourcing new pelts to match your original.

Once your fur restyle is complete, we will contact you and bring you in for your last fitting to address any small changes and add the finishing touches.

Preserve the Legacy

One of the privileges of owning fur is it can be remade into a brand new style. Other fabrics lack this beauty and versatility. So while others are discarding their old clothes, you are giving new life to your fur. If your fur was passed down from a family member or a friend, this is a befitting way to honor their memory.

A hidden treasure may be in your closet. Allow our master furriers to custom design a special new look, created just for you.

If you are interesting in learning more about your fur can be restyled, contact our store and we will be happy to help you bring new life to your fur.

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