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Moths and other insects can be attracted to the natural oils in your furs.

Off-Season Fur Storage

While fur is a fun way to express your inner style icon, it requires the proper maintenance to protect its timeless appearance. Storage is an essential aspect of fur ownership. Storing your fur is necessary to maintaining its longevity and ensuring it continues to give you years of wear.

When should you start to think about fur storage? There are no hard start and end dates for the fur storage season. Usually you should arrange fur storage when it will be too hot to wear your coat outside. Also consider having your coat professionally stored when you no longer want to wear your coat or jacket.

Evans Furs and Leathers offers premiere fur storage for the Arizona area. When the right time of year arrives, we advise you to bring your furs, leathers, and other luxury fabric outerwear into our salon to be placed in our state-of-the-art storage vault.

Protect Your Fur – Beware of Home Storage

There are several smart reasons to store your garment. Arizona is notoriously known for extreme heat and dryness. Dry attics are dangerous for your fur. This arid climate will rob your fur coat of its natural oils. Without these oils, your fur can become brittle and too delicate to wear.

What about your home basement? This is not a safe option for your fur either. While your basement might be a few degrees cooler than your attic or main floor, it can house too much moisture which can damage the fabric. Subtle, but unpleasant odors can seep into sensitive materials like fur, leather, or wool. For example, the smell of moth balls or cedar can linger and stay with your coat for years.

Unwanted guests like vermin or insects can be a nuisance to your coat if it is stored in an average basement. In recent years, the Arizona area has experienced a dramatic uptick in the number of cases of fur damage done by moths and crickets.

Temperature Controlled, Vault Secure

Evans Furs and Leathers is proud to offer on-site fur storage. You will never have to worry about your piece being packaged or transported across cities or states. Our location has an extensive climate controlled vault for your convenience. Don’t let your fur or leather investment wither because of dryness, moisture, or bugs.

Our fur vault gives you:

Climate and Humidity Control – We have advanced control systems in place constantly monitoring temperature and moisture levels.

Insect Protection – Our facility is sealed to protect against moths, crickets, beetles, and other vermin.

Active Security – One of the industry’s top security systems safeguard’s you furs and leathers again theft.

Convenient, Spacious Location – Our vault is located right at our Scottsdale, Arizona operation so you can pick up your coat any time. We also provide a generous amount of space for each garment.

Our vault provides protection from environmental threats, but also safeguards you valuables from theft.

We understand that storing your valuable fur can be daunting. You might feel that your fur is safest when it is at home with you. Evans Furs and Leathers makes the safety of your fur our top priority. With over 150 years of combined experience, our staff is qualified to handle your garments.

If you have any questions or concerns about storage, please call or visit our store. We look forward to meeting all your fur storage needs.

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